The Story of Herby-K’s….so far…

At the turn of the century, the “West End” was a growing neighborhood full of life and energy.  There was a railroad roundhouse nearby that brought a lot of hungry and thirsty workers to the area.  Herby-K’s was right there on Pierre Avenue, but at that time it was called the Flying Crow.

The Flying Crow (named after a train engine) began as a place to get package liquor, tobacco, and an occasional sandwich.  An old picture on the wall of the restaurant shows Herby K himself behind the counter, and a handwritten menu offering sandwiches for $0.15!

In 1936, Herbert J. Busi, Jr. turned the family owned business into a restaurant bearing the nickname he picked up while attending LSU in Baton Rouge and Herby-K’s was born.  In 1945, he introduced the Shrimp Buster and the secret Shrimp Buster sauce to the menu.  Herby K was known for his larger than life personality, sense of humor, knowledge of cards and expert marksmanship.  What else do you need to run a restaurant?!?!

He married Marian Bass (known as Mrs. Herby) and they ran the business together for many years.  Mrs. Herby was known for keeping employees and customers in line.  If you were crazy enough to try and sneak a beer mug out of there, you were in for it the next time she saw you.


Southern Living Magazine has this to say about us: “Herby-K’s is one of those classic hole-in-the-wall spots with a legendary reputation. Here, the reputation comes well deserved. The restaurant’s signature dish, the Shrimp Buster, gives a delicious twist on a po’boy. Four butterflied shrimp are pounded flat, fried to perfection, and served atop buttered French bread with a spicy red sauce. Add to that some delicious gumbo or etouffee, and you have a meal that will remind you why Herby K’s has been a Shreveport staple for seven decades. With tastes like these, you earn a loyal following.”

                                                               -Southern Living, Best of the South, 2006

                                                                 Editor’s Pick for Best Seafood

Also, “Order the Shrimp Buster, a local legend with four fried shrimp (pounded flat and fried to a golden brown) and secret red sauce served atop French bread. In-the-know folks ask for extra shrimp, $2 each. Seafood classics include gumbo and crawfish etouffee.”

    -Southern Living, Favorites, 2005

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From Garden and Gun: “It’s a long way from the Gulf, but they know what to do with shrimp: Pound thin, until the tails splay flat and the heads resemble tennis racket heads. Fry hard. Serve open-faced, on a crusty roll, with a side of house-made tartar sauce.”        

    -Garden and Gun, November 2008

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                                                                   Before You Die           


Fast forward to the present. Herby-K’s has stayed in the family and is now run by Janet Bean and her daughter and son-in-law, Angela and David Doe. 2011 marked our 75th birthday - who only knows what the next 75 years will hold!